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September 6, 2019

Your blueprint to home inspection and final walk-through

You’ve put an offer in on your dream home. Now what? Sandlin Homes has your blueprint to home inspection and final walk-through. 

Once your offer is accepted, you’ll want to promptly schedule a home inspection. Whether your home is new construction or “lived-in”, an inspection is always a good idea. This detail not only prevents you from buying into expensive surprises or potentially dangerous discoveries (unstable support beams), but also ensures your home passes city codes.

Once your home inspection is scheduled, a professional will take an in-depth look at the major systems of your home. These include HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), water heater and electrical systems, as well as the interior plumbing, basement, structural components, roof, windows and doors, and the attic.

Typically, a new construction home won’t have issues that arise from a home inspection, but it’s one of the many home buying tasks you’ll want to complete as due diligence. Speaking of tasks, don’t forget to also add “final walk-through” to your list. The final walk-through is the last major task you’ll complete before you close. As the name suggests, you and your sales agent (or construction supervisor for a new construction home) walk through the home you’re about to buy. Look closely at everything because this is your final chance to examine or request repairs or compensation from the seller. It’s the final time to make sure the house is exactly the way you expect it to be when you take possession.

Final walk-through checklist

Come prepared

In addition to the obvious essentials, such as your phone and real estate agent, you’ll also want to bring your inspection summary and final contract. The final contract will note what does and doesn’t come with the home upon move-in. If you’ve specified that window treatments and appliances are included, make sure they’re where they should be.

Open all windows and doors

Check the safety of your home by ensuring all windows latch and doors lock. Be sure to also make sure that all windows have screens and that windows don’t stick⁠—a stuck window that causes difficulty to open can become a hazard in the event of a fire when you need a quick exit point.

Explore the outdoor space

Do the sprinklers work? Is the landscaping how you remembered it? Depending on the season, you might not be able to examine all outdoor areas thoroughly, but at least you can get some questions answered and an idea of the condition of the outdoor space.

Carefully inspect bathrooms

Turn on all faucets to ensure they function correctly and without drips or leaks. Test the water temperature and pressure. Look for mold and stains that indicate leaks. Flush the toilet to make sure it’s not running. Check that all sinks and tubs drain correctly. 

Test the electrical system

There’s nothing worse than moving in and getting settled, only to find a conveniently-placed outlet doesn’t work. During the inspection or final walk-through, bring your phone charger and test all visible outlets by plugging in your phone. 

Test the HVAC system

Replacing an HVAC system can be expensive. Save yourself the stress (and money) of buying a new one shortly after move-in and test out the heating and cooling to confirm it’s in working order.

While some of the items included in this helpful home inspection checklist are pertinent only to a resale home, it doesn’t hurt to put that knowledge in your back pocket. If you’re ready to apply the inspection and final walk-through checklist to a new construction Sandlin home, we’re here to help! We have single-family homes for sale in the DFW area, coming in a variety of stylish layouts. Just find the community or floor plan that’s right for you and we’ll help you make your move!

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