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March 8, 2021

Ways to use your bonus room or spare bedroom

Homes have always been about creating a space for families and friends to come together—but over the past year, the importance of having enough functional, livable space in your home has become especially apparent. Sandlin Homes saw many people looking to buy a new-construction home for more square footage to make the additional time spent at home a little less cramped. While homeowners might have needed a spare bedroom or bonus room to use as a home office or virtual learning space for kids, chances are the room is getting a lot less use since people have returned to work and in-person schooling has resumed. We don’t want to see your spare bedroom go to waste, so we’re showing you a few ways to get the most of the extra square footage in your floor plan

Health and wellness

If you’d like to invest a little more time and energy on yourself, creating a room to work on your health and wellness is a great start. A spare bedroom is the perfect place to set up a home gym, meditation space or whatever you need to feel healthier and happier. With more people working out at home than ever, homeowners can find plenty of equipment, technology and inspiration. Go all out with a treadmill, stationary bike and weight rack or keep it simple with a few sets of dumbbells, a yoga mat and some resistance bands. If you use a video-based workout program, a small television will finish off the space and help keep your household active. 

Hobbies and entertainment

Whether you’ve had the same hobby for years or picked it up recently, a spare bedroom is an ideal space to work on perfecting your craft. Painting, sculpting, puzzles, scrapbooking, crocheting, collecting—whatever you and your family like to do—can take up precious space or cause clutter in other areas of your home. Stock your room with the materials you need and consider installing shelves or bookcases for displaying your finished products. If you have children at home, don’t forget to include a designated area for them to craft alongside you. 

If you prefer to spend your free time watching movies, cheering on your favorite teams or playing video games, an entertainment or movie room is a must-have. All you really need is a big, comfy couch, a large television or projector and some blackout curtains. This type of room would be the perfect opportunity to get creative and stray a bit from your typical design style—so have fun with it. 

Friends and family  

Even if you don’t have visitors stay with you that often, a guest bedroom is always a nice feature around the holidays and when loved ones travel to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for work or play. In fact, after months of being at home and possibly missing out on family events and functions with friends, you might be ready for some company. Having a designated space for guests is a good idea, and will always be a fun room to decorate. Focus on creating a cozy and inviting space that complements the rest of your home—but remember that no matter how it looks, guests will appreciate your hospitality.

Being a parent or grandparent brings joy, but it often comes with messes as well. A spare bedroom dedicated as a playroom can help keep the chaos of toys, books and crafts in a designated space (and out of your living room). 

Multi-purpose to meet every need

No matter the size of your spare bedroom, there’s the opportunity to combine your interests, passions and needs to create a multi-purpose room. If you want a space for guests but don’t have them that often, consider purchasing a full-size bed instead of a queen and squeezing in the exercise equipment or drawing desk that you’ll use more often. Without a bed taking up space, the possibilities for use are pretty much endless. 

Sandlin Homes features plenty of three- or four-bedroom floor plans to choose from, many of which also include bonus rooms. Whether you’re interested in a quick move-in option, want to build a plan from the ground up in one of our neighborhoods or on a lot you already own, we’re ready to bring your dream of a spacious layout to life. Contact us today by filling out an online form or calling our office at (817) 281-3509. 

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