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July 21, 2021

The right time to right size

Whether the last of your children are headed off to college, just started their own lives after graduation or you’re simply looking for a more manageable home to live in, summertime is always a great time to right size. Sandlin Homes has helped thousands of homeowners at various stages of life find new places to live throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and we’re ready to help you start the right-sizing journey. 

Take advantage of the current market 

For the past year-and-a-half, the housing market has reached a new level of competition. Low supply, high demand and shortage of materials drove up the prices of homes—but homeowners are the ones reaping the benefit when it comes to right sizing. Prospective buyers will be competing for your current home with over-asking offers, cash offers, flexible move-out dates and more. You may be able to earn more than you think on the house you live in now, making your purchase of a smaller, newer home that much easier.  

Get a fresh start on a new chapter 

The idea of leaving the home you spent so much time in as a family can be difficult, but you don’t have to think of this change in your life as a sad or negative one—it can actually be an incredibly exciting first step into this new chapter of your family’s life. 

There are plenty of unique opportunities that come along with right sizing. Find a home in the city you’ve been dreaming of living in for years, or even in a new part of town. Move into a new-construction home for perhaps the very first time—complete with all of the upgrades, features and functionality that an older home can’t quite deliver on. Lastly, get the large backyard, open-concept floor plan or gourmet kitchen you’ve always wanted. 

Although other members of your family might be sad to see the old home go, they’ll be thrilled to spend summer, long weekends or holidays with you in a new place that’s personalized to fit your style and needs. 

Save money on bills, mortgage

Right sizing into a new-construction home will also help you save money in the long run. New homes include new technology, as well as superior building techniques and materials, that are more energy efficient than older homes. Features like state-of-the-art HVAC systems, radiant barrier roof decking, energy-sealed infiltration areas and low-emission windows will leave more money in the pockets of homeowners each month. 

Sandlin Homes has the popular floor plans and features many homeowners are looking for, as well as trendy-yet-timeless finishes and color palettes—requiring little to no work upon moving in. New-construction homes also require significantly less maintenance than older homes and are backed by a superior home warranty

Additionally, purchasing a smaller home with today’s lower interest rates will help you save big on your mortgage—and with the help of selling your existing home for a top-dollar price, you may even find yourself mortgage-free for the first time in decades. 

Find a home you love in DFW

Right sizing is an exciting step to take after children leave the nest or you’re ready for the next chapter of your life. Take this time as an opportunity to start fresh, save money and find a home you love in the location you’ve been dreaming of. Sandlin Homes has delivered exceptional homes to DFW residents for the past six decades, and we can help kick off your journey to right sizing today—just give us a call at (817) 281-3509 or fill out an online contact form.

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