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September 24, 2021

Should you be holding out for lower home prices?

If you’ve been on the house hunt anytime in the past year-and-a-half, you know how crazy the real estate market has been. Aside from the chaos of purchasing a used home, new-construction homes have remained in high demand across the country. Recently, many Americans have halted their home-buying journey—hoping to hold out for a drop in home prices. But are they making the right decision? 

The Dallas-Fort Worth area was not immune to steady and significant increases in home prices over the past 18 months. Industry experts predict this will only continue throughout the rest of the year and into 2022, due to a few different factors—the shortages and rising costs of the materials necessary to build homes, the cost of labor and a record-high demand for homes with little inventory. Sandlin Homes has some insight as to why now is the time to buy a new-construction home. 

Make a positive investment

Without a dip in prices on the horizon, there’s no reason to put off buying a home until next year. Sandlin Homes is building high-quality homes and developing sought-after communities throughout DFW now—and the sooner you buy, the better long-term investment your home will be. 

If you know you’ll be looking for a new home in the near future—due to a new job, growing family, right sizing, retirement or even a desired change of scenery—there’s nothing wrong with getting a jump start on the process now, before prices go up even more. 

Have a part in bettering communities

When communities like Palmilla Springs in Fort Worth are in the beginning stages, homeowners who get in early have an opportunity to play a huge role in the development of a burgeoning neighborhood. The benefits of buying early in a new community include premium lot selection, first choice at floor plans, their preferred exterior finishes and more. You can even find ways to get involved with welcoming new neighbors to the community, creating an inviting and friendly atmosphere that will shape the way the neighborhood grows for years to come.  

Work with a trusted area builder

Sandlin Homes has more than 60 years of family owned and operated experience behind us, and we’ve been committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations from the start. Our storied history as a company, along with a high standard of quality and commitment to the industry, has earned us many awards and the reputation as a trusted builder in our area. 

With that hard-earned reputation in mind, Sandlin Homes will do everything in our power to keep providing fair pricing to our customers. Our long history in the area, paired with our strong relationships with suppliers and local contractors, will help us to increase the supply in our market. 

Secure your new home today

Sandlin Homes has plenty of existing new-construction neighborhoods throughout the most desirable locations in DFW, as well as upcoming communities and quick move-in inventory. Don’t make the mistake so many others have made by attempting to wait out the market’s prices—you’ll wish you had started the simple process of buying and building a home with Sandlin sooner. 

For more information on why now is the best time to buy a new home, give us a cal at (817) 281-3509 or fill out an online form today.


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