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April 12, 2022

Our Take on Trendy vs Timeless Interior Design: Finding a Balance

When deciding on which interior design style suits your home and your personal style best—sometimes two is better than one. It can be hard not to get too wrapped up in the design trends of the day, but it’s important to take the time to think through each interior piece before choosing it. The key to your ideal home interior is knowing how to seamlessly blend the trends of the day with a timeless style that will last for years—and at Sandlin Homes, we’re here to help. Read on to see some design tips to keep in mind for a perfectly balanced, timeless-yet-trendy home interior. 

Stick to the basics

When finding the perfect balance between a timeless interior and the trends you love, it’s important to ensure that the main pieces in your home remain simple, subtle and sophisticated. The key to following home design trends without going overboard is to stick to the classics when it comes to your big-ticket items, and from there add in trendy accessories. 

A clean and simple slate will allow for plenty of room when it comes to adding in hints of trends—such as starting with hardwood floors, marble countertops and white cabinets in the kitchen while adding in a patterned wall or trendy pop of color. Larger items such as your dressers, couches, tables and cabinets should be neutral pieces that will pair well with a number of smaller accessories. This will ensure that the backdrop of your home interior remains constant as the years go on while at the same time—pairing perfectly with any trends that catch your eye along the way. 

Add in trendy accents

Home design trends can be a lot of fun, but for a more timeless look, you may want to incorporate trends in smaller, more subtle ways. If you absolutely love a particular trendy pattern, you may not want to buy an entire furniture set in that pattern, but integrate it into your space with accent cushions or an area rug. When the main pieces in your home and your finishes lean toward a neutral color palette, you are easily able to add in a variety of different accessories depending on what is in style and what you are gravitating toward. Adding in a patterned wallpaper, incorporating metallic accents or switching out your rugs every so often will keep your space looking fresh and trendy throughout the years without going overboard or breaking the bank.

Some trends come and go in an instant, others have staying power—and earth tones are a great example of a trend with longevity and style, and they are very in at the moment. Earth tones—colors that are rooted in nature—are soothing, subdued tones that tend to be quite versatile. The array of shades and hues work perfectly together for a timeless-yet-trendy design, adding just enough warmth and vibrancy while remaining classy and eye-catching. These colors draw inspiration from the outdoors and never fail to make an interior feel more homey, and they look great in a Sandlin home. Whether you’re adding a sage green accent wall or incorporating terracotta fabrics—following a lasting trend like earth tones adds the perfect amount of timelessness and trendiness all at once, and it can provide the ultimate amount of luxury and taste in your home.

The Sandlin advantage

Above all, it’s important to remember that your home is all yours. Channel your inner designer, and trust your tastes and preferences when making decisions. The classics may be the classics, and trends may come and go—but it’s essential that your home be a place that you love and enjoy spending time. The spaces we design and live in are meant for us, and whether you go with something timeless or something bold and trendy—Sandlin Homes understands that it’s about finding the right balance for you.

At Sandlin Homes, you’ll be able to customize your home interior to perfectly meet your personal style, and there’s nothing we value more than keeping our homeowners happy in their forever homes. While we’re always keeping up with the trends, our designs remain timeless and classy—such as our new Clairmont Estates homes, which embody the perfect balance. If you need some design inspiration, take a look through our photo gallery to see our work come to life, and don’t forget to check out our BOYL homes for maximum personalization. Then, browse our quick move-in homes or find your perfect floor plan, and if you’re ready to start the journey to your dream home—give us a call at (817) 281-3509 or contact us online and set up a tour today.


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