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December 13, 2022

Our Complete Guide for First-Time Homeowners

When you make the decision to purchase a new construction home, it can sometimes feel a little intimidating to navigate every twist and turn that seems to arise, especially if it’s your first time purchasing a home. At Sandlin Homes, we’ve been in the business for over 6 decades, and throughout that time, our team of experts have helped countless individuals realize their dream home. As a first-time homeowner, you can rest assured that Sandlin Homes is a team who works for you, and to ensure that you have a better understanding of the entire homebuying process, we’ve put together a complete guide of things to know to help ease any worries, stress or uncertainties that you may have. 

Prepare to purchase

The first step you’ll want to ensure you fully look into is your own financial situation. Getting a clear idea of what you can afford is key before you even begin looking at what architectural styles you prefer, how many bedrooms you want or what neighborhoods you may think you want to live in. While you can spend your time looking through your own finances, setting up an appointment to speak with one of our preferred lenders is the ideal way to get a truly clear idea about what your finances look like. Our preferred lending partner will take you through your income, any debt that you have, your down payment amount, credit score and more to determine your home budget and ensure that you have all of your questions answered and everything figured out before you apply for a loan. 

Secure your financing

When you’re ready to secure your mortgage loan, there are a few different options our preferred lender can help you look into to find out what you are eligible for and what loan type would best fit your needs. There are a few different types of loans that you will be able to secure for your new construction home, including a Conventional loan, FHA, VA and USDA. In order to get your pre-approval letter, your lender will have to verify your credit, income, assets and any debts that you might have. Once you have your loan figured out and you’ve received your pre-approval letter from your lender, you are officially ready to begin searching for your new home. 

The purchasing process 

Once you have your pre-approval letter in hand, the fun can truly begin. When you work with our team at Sandlin Homes, you are working with a team that is focused on transparency and keeping up clear communication throughout the entire homebuying process. Every floor plan we design and every home we create at Sandlin Homes is built to the highest standard of quality with modern features and finishes that we know today’s homeowners are after—and we can’t wait to create the perfect home for you and your loved ones during this exciting time in your life. 

Settling into your new home

After you have officially moved into your Sandlin home, our work with you doesn’t simply stop there. If you are a first-time homeowner, we know that there can be a few things you still have to get used to when it comes to owning, and our warranty programs offer you the reassurance that your home will be well taken care of. With every Sandlin Home we build, we offer 1, 2 and 10-year warranties, and if any questions arise, our team is always here to help. 

Buy new with Sandlin Homes

As a first-time homeowner, starting the journey to your new construction home is incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to help you realize your dream of owning the perfect home for you. Our team of experts at Sandlin Homes is ready to help you every step of the way, so browse our quick move-in homes and our exceptional new home construction communities and give us a call at (817) 281-3509 or fill out our online form to get started. 



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