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December 30, 2019

Is Winter A Good Time To Sell?

At Sandlin Homes, we think every season is an excellent season to buy your next home. But for many buyers, buying your next home depends on your ability to sell your current home. Winter is traditionally a time of the year where we see a lot of homebuyers staying put. But is that really necessary? Winter may not be as bad of a time as you might think.

Fewer Sellers Mean Fewer Options

During the traditional buying season (Spring into summer), homebuyers and home sellers flood the market looking to both sell and buy. During the winter, the amount of buyers and sellers drops as many people prepare for the holidays. But with few homes available for buyers, the more likely your home will stick out, enabling you the opportunity to stick out.

End of the Year Bonus

Companies will traditionally hand out bonuses at the end of the year to their employees. In a two-parent household, this can lead to some real buying power of both leaders of the household receive a bonus. Coming up with the downpayment is generally the hardest obstacle to overcome, especially for first-time homebuyers. So if your current home served you well as a first-time homebuyer, it could help someone else, too.

Fewer Buyers Means Serious Buyers

One other aspect of a smaller buyer pool means that the buyers that are out there are serious about buying. It’s frustrating to have people come into your home just lurking without much intention. Winter generally brings out the buyers are looking to cut through the noise and make a decision.

Not So Wintery

What does winter mean to Texans anyway? Selling your home in the winter here in the MetroPlex is much different than selling your home during the winter in Minnesota or Michigan. The average high temperature in Dallas-Fort Worth is 57 degrees compared to the way below freezing 26 degrees high in Minneapolis. A light jacket is all that’s needed for buyers to go on the weekend house hunt.

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