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February 8, 2021

Designing for an open floor plan

In more than 60 years of building homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Sandlin Homes has seen countless design trends come and go. However, one lasting demand from home buyers we meet is for flexible living spaces where families can live and grow comfortably.

Our answer is a selection of popular open floor plans or open-concept designs with large, inviting living spaces that combine kitchens, family rooms, and dining areas for easy entertaining. If you have been considering the trend, Sandlin Homes put together the following guide to help when you start designing for an open floor plan.

Find a Cohesive Color Scheme

One of the first steps you will take with our experienced designers will be choosing the right color palette for your home. This will help establish an easy flow from room to room with cohesive tones and textures. We also suggest using the same flooring through the space to help create a perfect flow.

Since there is no physical separation between the main living areas in an open floor plan, you will want to stick with neutral colors that can carry through the entire space. Otherwise, implementing too many colors can be overwhelming when you see them together. 

Create Your Own Transitions

Even though you have an open floor plan, that does not mean you lose the ability to define spaces altogether. The kitchen, for instance, will still be relatively identifiable given its nature with counters and cabinets lining the room. 

We can take the same mentality into the adjoining spaces by using furniture and other features to create zones for each purpose they might fill in your home. Similarly, a sofa or open bookcase could act as a natural barrier for the living room. Area rugs are also a valuable decor piece providing a focal point and visual separation between the spaces.

Maintain a Path

As you are designing a layout, make sure to consider how family and visitors will move throughout your home. It may help to map out a path along a wall or winding through each room that is not obstructed by furniture. Planning for easy travel from the kitchen to the television and the bathroom too will help you make the most of your new, open floor plan.

Building with Sandlin Homes

Living in an open floor plan opens you up to a world of possibilities when it comes to decor and Sandlin Homes has the experience to help you make your dream come true. 

Sandlin Homes builds in 17 communities around the Dallas-Fort Worth area and offers build on your lot services as well. If you are ready to start the homebuying process, review available floor plans or contact us to learn more.


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