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May 27, 2020

Build on Your Lot

There is a lot of talk in real estate about finding the right location when looking for a new home. But, what if you have one and just need the home? Sandlin Homes can help with that too. 

Whether the land is inherited or purchased on your own, we have probably worked with a buyer in a similar situation through our Build On Your Lot program. It sounds just like the name meaning we can still build the home of your dreams even if that doesn’t fit into one of our current planned communities.

Ultimately, the process isn’t that different, but we do have to add a couple steps at the start. 

If you have a site, you can call and schedule a complimentary home site evaluation with our team. We will come visit your property, run some calculations and help identify the best design options for the space you have. Or, we can work in reverse too using our realtor connections to help find a location that works for the design you have in mind. Either way, we will make sure both visions fit together before breaking ground. 

Sandlin Homes currently offers 30 floor plans to choose between with flexibility to add anything from an extra window to a full bonus room depending on your needs. Lately, we have seen a rise in requests for office spaces, pantries and flex rooms as families adjust to more time at home. Or, it might be time to finally expand to another bathroom to make mornings a little smoother.

If you have your own land and plans, we respect your independence too. Our team will verify that everything is feasible and get you a price. 

Pricing is the big daunting question because the immediate answer is, we don’t know yet. A lot of factors go into the final price of your home including the foundation requirements, floor plan choice, modifications, upgrades and more. We should get a decent idea in our first few meetings and work with you to define a budget. 

Building on your own lot also requires a construction loan. Our preferred lenders can discuss the process and help you find the best options to fund your dream home. 

The other big question is timeline. And again, that depends on a lot of different things. 

It generally takes five to six months to build your home from laying foundation to handing you the keys. The variability comes from the pre-build process with permitting and scheduling as well as the uncontrollable factors like weather. You will work one-on-one with a Build On Your Lot specialist that will keep you up to date on progress and delays.

If you are ready to start planning, you can reach us here.


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